Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What kind of crisis is this?

On my birthday I was THIS CLOSE to cutting my hair into a BOHEMIAN BOB CUT.
But because it was my 40th birthday I decided not to listen to my impulse - you should never ut your hair in the midst of a divorce or on your 40th birthday (<---- perhaps the only words of wisdom you'll ever read on this blog).

But I keep thinking about that bob.
One of the main attractions of this haircut is the people that come with it, you know to fix it. On a daily basis.

Ps. Only idiots look at top picture and think "she looks fantastic, it must be the hair." -your idiot.


  1. The great thing about hair is that it grows. I say go for it.

  2. unfortunately, my hair does not comply with that fact.

  3. Emi - I think your bob looks beautiful. And I hope the "going through a divorce" doesn't apply to you - just the "turning 40"...

  4. no - no divorce, we tried that already, was still growing out the horrible divorce haircut when we got back together after a year.

  5. I just had mine cut today, and then saw this post! I also handed in my notice at soul destroying work after accumulating enough to get me started on a creative career *fingers crossed*. maybe one should have been enough??

  6. i think every woman goes through the "cuts hair after a breakup" woes. ugh. and it's never a good hair cut is it?
    i always have to hold myself back from impulse hair cuts/colours. my hair is blonde and curly, so color is VERY permanent, and when i cut my hair, it takes AGES to grow back since the curls just bounce back up.

  7. Happy :) Thank you... Although I do not *know* you, I am always rooting for you.


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