Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mistake nr 1

Here is a recent mistake!
A very very very white, 100% silk blouse with a label that reads "dry clean only". There are women in this world who can eat, drink, laugh, live while looking precious, pristine, perfect. I am not one of them.

(Every time I dream about being one of those women, I can hear John Travolta's "don't make me laugh, ha ha ha" as in the end of this clip. Don't miss it, FOR THE WORLD!):

As I was purchasing that blouse up there, I thought to myself: when I wear it, I must not drink, eat or have a good time. It will ruin the blouse.

The weirdest thing about that is not those thoughts but that I still went ahead and bought it. Why would anyone do such a stupid thing? Many many women do it, daily.

Below: a real world publicity still. There's a point in posting unflattering pictures of oneself. It makes people go "you're so much prettier in person" instead of the other thing people often tell me: "You photograph so well". We all know what that means. Did not live up to expectations, created by vain posting of pictures taken at advantageous angles.


  1. It looks like in the first picture you are wearing a blazer backwards.

  2. It's kind of hard to judge from the picture but from what I see, I like it! Ok, the dry clean only is a problem. While recently defining what the perfect white t-shirt needs in order to be perfect for me, I realized it had to be cheap. Because I always end up with permanent stains, e.g. when my toddler daughter eats a banana and then lovingly strokes the arm of the kind banana giver... Show us more blouses!

  3. well you know it does look a bit like a blazer worn backwards, but its so fashiony that anyone can tell it's supposed to look like that, that anyone wearing it has a plan that's on a different level. I couldn't live up to this.

  4. The funny thing is that you actually look like Kelly Preston in the first picture- or was the mention of Travolta intentional?

    /R again, reading your blog backwards

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