Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mistake nr 1

Here is a recent mistake!
A very very very white, 100% silk blouse with a label that reads "dry clean only". There are women in this world who can eat, drink, laugh, live while looking precious, pristine, perfect. I am not one of them.

(Every time I dream about being one of those women, I can hear John Travolta's "don't make me laugh, ha ha ha" as in the end of this clip. Don't miss it, FOR THE WORLD!):

As I was purchasing that blouse up there, I thought to myself: when I wear it, I must not drink, eat or have a good time. It will ruin the blouse.

The weirdest thing about that is not those thoughts but that I still went ahead and bought it. Why would anyone do such a stupid thing? Many many women do it, daily.

Below: a real world publicity still. There's a point in posting unflattering pictures of oneself. It makes people go "you're so much prettier in person" instead of the other thing people often tell me: "You photograph so well". We all know what that means. Did not live up to expectations, created by vain posting of pictures taken at advantageous angles.