Friday, September 23, 2011

Blouses part 2.

I never wear this, cause it's like you can't wear blouses like this unless you're 22 or Madonna.
I'm neither. It simply makes me feel old and tired and not like myself. A pity cause I like the color and the glass buttons and the whole idea of it. But no.


  1. I think you could wear it. Fashion is not about being sexy and looking young. It is about style, grace and creativity. Ageless. I saw a women 47 years old, with a sharp ponytale, black trousers, big black coat and orange eyemakeup in a block colour. So modern, smart and forward thinking! I wanted to give her an applause!
    or inspiration:


  2. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't feel like myself in it. otherwise, I totally agree with you. Anders was recently in HongKong, where his business partner received a fortune cookie fortune saying "if you're too old to do it - do it", which I love. thank you for the great link!

  3. MEN DU ÄR JÄTTEFIN I DEN!!! Bilderna gör den/dig inte rättvisa.

  4. But it might just take some getting used to. It's a great blouse, just wear it and one day you'll find it is you! I actually think that as one ages one needs to rethink one's style. Swedish middle-aged women dress so casually, many of them would look better if they tried a more ladylike style. Not saying this includes you though...
    Men alla dessa Odd Molly häxor... Fy!

  5. I love blouses like this rolled up to the elbow and tucked into jeans, possibly with the bow untied. Then again I also really like dressing like a grandmother, so my fashion advice is probably of questionable quality. If you love the color and details, perhaps a tailor or handy loved one could just remove the bow part so it feels more "you" to you?


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