Thursday, September 22, 2011


I wish a wellfitting coat would simply descend on me. tell me if you stumble across any.
I've bought tons of coats and returned them. Do you like this one? Should I keep it? Have 30 days to decide. I hate looking for a coat, but my old one is falling to pieces, have worn it since 2005.Have changed the lining twice and even told Anders I've thrown it away, but I haven't really.
See how little Joel is?
Not even two. My arms ache to hold him again at that age, his little rounded tummy, the soft warm smell of his peachy cheeks. And Vanja, the giggle at 4,5, her amazing and constant food/toast artistry. It's not that I want to stop time, I just want to copy+paste a version of each age.

who the fuck am I kidding, I'd five anything to stop time. just a little.