Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome people

Dear reader,
I'm back. For whatever reason you're reading this, I will feed you more words than you need.

I took a break from the internets and had a baby. A third.
This one's named Niki, she's almost 7 weeks old.
There used to be a Niki on our street, but sadly she passed away a month before our Niki was born.

She was beautiful, small and dignified with graying hair. I think she was kind of old for a schnauzer.

I used to write letters to Marc Jacobs. I might continue to write him, but we're not exclusive anymore. I'm going to whore it out and write to anyone I think deserves a few lines from me, the end consumer.

Perhaps I will write you, personally.
It all depends. I'm so capricious, like the wind and the wave I am.
Swim in me, play in me.