Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Internet

The reason you were invented was to avoid these kind of situations. People get hurt. You made us all feel like a world without boundaries. I hope you're working on it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Andrehn-Schiptjenko

No one should miss your Gunnel Wåhlstrand exhibition.

We went to the gallery opening last night. An event so posh even the children carried Bottega Veneta.

And then we found this. If you ever wonder where you could dispose of BOTH your potent dogs and your sausages, we know where to go.

Then we ordered pizza that turned out to be the size Americans like them. We went dumbstruck, then proceeded to eat.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear neighborhood

You look so different at night. Coming up: Meet the readers - Lisa Chong.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I've been thinking so much about people I've never met and will never meet. Jasmine Fiore's mom, showing other kinds of pictures of her murdered daughter. Jasmine as a kid, on a horse. As a smiling toddler. So many hopes, such enormous grief.

Then, a daughter who went to extremes to be with her mom. A story about a daughter getting caught on purpose so she could share a prison cell with her mom. According to them, it was some of the best times they'd ever had.

A few thousand years ago, the pharao Hatshepsut died but where is her mummy? Perhaps she's buried with the person who loved her best, her fullfigured wet nurse?

stuff people don't tell you about kids -they're nice

Just had 3 of Vanja's friends come play and stay for dinner - (they had reindeer, peas, carrots and rice). They all really liked it. One guest so much that she told me "it was divine".

only excessively polite kids can eat at my house.

Dear Miss Universe Pageant

Watching two of the world's most beautiful women hug should be a beautiful thing shouldn't it? So why is this picture so scary? Is it the amount of hairspray involved?

Did any of you read this?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reader stepping into blog

Tomorrow we're happily meeting up with Lisa Chong who will be crossing a surreal line - she'll walk into a blog she often reads. She plays the violin in the St Louis Symphony Orchestra. I'm so excited to meet her and have her train my kids to play to earn money for the household.

Dear iPhone

Where are you? I ordered you weeks ago! And now Enna of has published a book I can't read unless I have Kindle or iPhone!

Product Description
This book is a compilation of the best stories from the worst year of my life. I accidentally ate a cat, got stabbed in the arm with a sword, got out of a ticket by harrassing a cop, as well as other stories that will invariably horrify my mother.

You have an iPhone or Kindle? Get your Enna today!

"Auto-delivered wirelessly". The future is here, today!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear friends

Thanks for making yesterday such a happy day at the office. Also, readers, take note from Sarah - never miss a chance to pimp your stuff. 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Anders' Birthday

This year, we didn't have a cake for Anders birthday but instead went for a cake-off, judging samples from the local bakery. The almond banana shaped thing was the big winner this time.

Dear Scrabble

In just so many words and four pictures, let me thank you for bringing joy to our summer evenings.

Mom is lax when it comes to rules. As long as someone can offer a good explanation for a word, she'll let it pass. Especially if she's the one who tries to offer the explanation. Unfortunately, we were not as generous. In the top pic, she tries to seduce us into buying her newly minted "påtitta. Roughly translated into another non-word:"onsee".

This is dad, with his word of the day "fegis", Swedish for coward. He loves that word.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear Magazine makers

This thing with "The Age Issue" and "The Shape Issue"...I'd like your stats. How much do they outsell any other topic? It's like the only two issues out there, over and over again.

Dear trek n' eat

Somehow I suspect your canned burger doesn't look exactly like this when served. But I'm still impressed and filled with joy after seeing this weird invention. I will never eat it but I will think about it, often. When will we see pizza in a can? Sushi?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

for the love of ali mcgraw

The swinger!

Run with us

New Nike+ challenge over at Run with e. Jump right in, you can start whenever before one of the teams have run 200 kms. 
Come join us and run for your favorite literary heroine. Mail me to participate. 

Will Anna Karenina kick Bridget's ass? How far and fast does Martha Quest run, compared to Jane Eyre with all her skirts? Are you missing your own favorite heroine? Let me know. I didn't even put an austen in there.

Dear Mad Men staff writers

Dear Alexander McQueen

I love your updated cheongsam. I'd like one. Thank you!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Something I think will delight you Anglos

In the Swedish version of facebook, you're not supposed to poke, but to "puff" your friends and family members. 

The end consumer gets serious

What an awful day yesterday was. 

John Hughes died. How he helped me through the teenage years. 

August 6th is always a weird date. I spend so many hours every year, thinking about Hiroshima. Thinking about the bomb, detonating 600 meters up in the air, taking about 100 000 people with it, most of them instantly, some of them later on. I wonder what it was like when it hit at 8:15 in the morning. The funniest girl in Hiroshima, the most handsome guy gone together in a blinding light. The ugly, the fat, the wise, the young the old, the mothers carrying their newborn, siblings fighting over a favorite toy, the ones who were eating, the ones cheating on their math test, the ones on swings, the ones gardening, the ones in the market, the ones having tea. 100 000 lives to end in a flash.  And how horrible for the folks of Nagasaki, reading about Hiroshima in the papers only to experience it first hand 3 days later. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. 

August 6th. What a terrible, terrible day. 
A good thing happened yesterday though. Sonia Sotomayor!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Runners listen up

Run for your pick of my men. I'd run for any of these but had to pick one.

Dear parents

I want you to you know that the Spiderman suit protects children from direct sunlight, mosquito bites and light rain.

Ps. It says "dry clean only" on the laundry tag. As if. Wash away.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear Lisa Anne Auerbach

More on her, copied from tablet:
Lisa Anne Auerbach, 41, works in a unique medium: sweaters. They’re sweaters with messages knitted in, either through words (she has an “addiction to language”) or through images of icons like Barack Obama and Sandy Koufax. The Chicago-bred artist earned her MFA from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 1994, and she’s lived in California ever since. Many of her works are on display now through October at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. She’s also at work on a series of sweaters for a festival in Nottingham, England, inspired by Robin Hood and the Luddite rebellion which began there in 1811, in which, she says, she’ll be “recasting the merry men as this group of anarcho-feminists.” She explained six of her works to Tablet.

ps. Thank you Petra!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dear blueberries

No kidding you're a super food, providing both nutrients and entertainment in one delicious little package.

Big love

Just back from tech detox in Åland: two weeks of no internet, tv, cell phone, computers or even hot water. But there were friends, kids, berries, lots of rye bread and sun. 
Missing in pic: Cutie Franka. She's there, but you can't see her. She's hiding right behind Anders. 
Here she is: