Monday, September 26, 2016

Subway eavesdropping - some day you may experience it

Teenage girl 1:So are people really nicer outside of New York?

Teenage girl 2:Yes! They really are.

Teenage girl 1: Really? I've never experienced that out-of-state-niceness.

Teenage girl 1: I mean, people are nice sometimes in New York too. Just not on the subway.

Teenage girl 2: Right. Then you just kind of have to fend for yourself.

Pics from yesterday - could I be announcing new TV-series?

Subway Swedes (above) - a comedy about two Swedish teens out and about in NYC, trying to navigate the MTA weekend schedule, constantly getting lost but not down.

Grand Street Playground (GSP) a dark tale about staying late at the playground, potentially there are zombies involved. Some kind of desperation de vivre is certainly featured. 

Also, that is what a man looks like in the afternoon after a 35 km run in the morning.
Anders had taken a friend out for a run, a friend who wanted to break his 30k barrier. So Anders helped him across that magic mark and then some.

We discussed the idea of Anders selling that feat to rich NYC runners. What should the pricetag be for taking someone across the 30k? 

We agreed on a 1000 for now.

Kerber does it again

I want everything.

Ps. I thought I'd lost my Tux jacket and Fatal pants during all this moving and traveling. Would have purchased a new set. That's how much I love Kerber.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Went to Brooklyn Book Festival, saw Christian Robinson, got starstruck
He is a genius. 

Key words

Was in Florence, saw this window where Pucci stated their 2016 FW keywords: 
Ease. Velocity. Irreverence. 

Got me thinking about my own keywords for the upcoming season. 

I think they are

Persistence. Joy. Movement. 

But they could also be: 

Patience. Beer. Run.

these two sets of words might actually stand for the same thing. 

what are yours?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Most offensive 4-letter word

The other night met a newly engaged couple who'd arrived at the restaurant after having had drinks at a different bar.

I mistakenly used a 4-letter word to state I hadn't been there myself but I knew some **** who had been to that very bar and loved it.

I felt the energy drop, the mood killed. We never regained momentum after that.

Yes, the 4-letter word I had used was "moms".

What I should have said was "friends", "colleagues", "executives". Or any give 4-letter word, it would have been more welcome I think.

But I chose "moms".

Don't do this don't. People tend to find it offensive.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The trip up north - woodstock, long lake, montreal - my longest post to date

We took the train from Grand Central to Poughkeepsie, rented a car and went up to Woodstock to meet up with our friends Anker & Monica who had generously hosted Joel for close to a week. Went to dinner at Deer Mountain in, then slept a night here

The house Anker & Monica rented. That's a sauna and hot tub to the right. 
When night fell, there were stars. So many stars. 

Anders and Niki at Deer Mountain Inn

Joel & Jonas. 

With two kids in the car, we ventured up north to get the third back from Long Lake camp in upstate New York

The child

The camp grounds

The daughters

One of the many small cabins where the kids at camp get individual lessons in singing, playing instruments etc.

That's my husband out there. At parents weekend. It was very relaxed. And relaxing.

Then slept a night at a hotel in where the staff seemed to have jumped out of a Cohen brothers movie - one employee was missing his right arm while the other was very very fit, like Brad Pitt in burn after reading. 

Picked Vanja up and headed for Canada. 

Here's Anders and Niki on the Montreal subway.

I liked the Canadian street crossing signs.

Met a native Montrealean

Enjoyed the color of Montreal 

Passed a church festival

Went to the biodome - which was originally built for 1976 winter olympics

Marveled at biodome

Then went glamping

Before heading back home to NYC

Add more sugar

I've got one foot in each city

The proper way to eat eggs

is apparently out of a martini glass. As served at Cafe Sabarsky. Beautiful salting hand belongs to my friend Jenny.

All the world is a stage