Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Perfect listening for tedious chores

Det är JAG som bestämmer.

Lägger upp den här ögondanstolkningen i väntan på Nikis version.

Bästa låten.

Både barnen och jag säger numer till varandra: Härereja som bestämmer såereba. En komprimering av allt det viktiga som sägs i denna hit. Kommer eventuellt en video med barnens tolkning så småningom. Måste bara KÖRA VÅR BIL TILL SKROTEN FÖRST.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The reward - Patricia Highsmith

Never mind that it was some internet robot/bot who said that I was in any way similar to this amazing woman! I'll run with it like Gollum treasured his ring. Even if it is in no way true, I WILL CLING TO THE FACT THAT I'M 63 % PATRICIA HIGHSMITH. Don't take it away from me, as the remaining 27 % are likely made up of, I don't know, Laura "you're really scaring me with that weird stare" Bush?

Anders is away

Miss him so much, especially at meal times. Today, served myself the sad remains of a bouillabaisse, after all the fish had been removed by hungry children. Had to complement the meagre soup with 2 nourishing white russians (with ice cubes cunningly replaced with frozen raspberries). Will now go find inspiration in "A tree grows in Brooklyn" which has already given me excellent advice on how to run a household on little more than stale bread.

Face recognition

She's a genius and I'm flattered, but would anyone really go: "oh you look so much alike!"

Same with this man.

Tell me if you see these

I love these limited edition Karhu sneakers, a tribute to the Sami, the indigenous people of the Nordic region.  I can't find them in my size. WIill perhaps try to dress like a Sami tribute instead. Stay tuned.


It takes guts to stand next to royalty. All comparisons are to your disadvantage.

Monday, August 29, 2011

If only

There were plays or tv-shows with quotes like this real one
"We have not nurtured and cherished this one for you to make him die like his brothers or to go mad like his father, or to become English like you. I keep him for my own. Come and take him away, if you dare."

Dear world

I love that this is a poster for a show where single parents look for love. I've got enough prejudice to think this poster would be unusual in a different country. In the US, could you put up a naked baby against a man's bare chest like that? Discuss.

Also asking for your help.

I might go to a doppelganger party. Do I remind you of anyone famous?
Feeling I wouldn't be the only Tina Fey/Sarah Palin there.

Feel free to bring on your most flattering and unflattering suggestions.
I've heard everything from Madonna, during a phase when she looked quite unlike herself:
to Lovisa Burfitt:
To Zlatan:
I find all these flattering mind you.

Me as Babs in my new glasses.
Me as Babs in my sexy intellectual "I've read Proust AND Kafka AND Jonathan Franzen AND you can discuss Louise Bourgeois with me, but what you really wonder is: am I wearing undies?" Argyle-outfit.
Me as Babs in my "really, I AM AN AFRICAN WOMAN ON THE INSIDE"-outfit.

The real reason I can't have a real job

Few co-workers would stand my daily outbreaks of seated dancing accentuated by pointed fingers. Here celebrating the baby news!!!




And then every morning looking at those kids right before you wake them up - the love is almost too much to handle. They balance it off nicely though by not co-operating at all once they're awake so you feel ok by dropping them off at daycare. Thank you children!

I have to remind myself now why I am so grateful every morning not to be pregnant these days. Why is that?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Om du springer

Sofias springblogg är bra tycker jag.
Hennes löparglädje smittar!

Or these?

Pretending I'm not taking my own pic.
Admitting that I am.
Proving have not yet had Botox/chewing on lemon.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mantra to get rid of shopping fever

"You can buy whatever it is you fancy once you've worn everything already in your closet once more."


"You can buy it, as long as you have the energy to return it".

Revisiting the Marc letters

This is still funny.

wow will always ask you for advice

thanks for your overwhelming support in picking glasses!

I tried them on for Anders, he said "I like your old ones best", "please, I really want to read my book" and finally "didn't you just buy new glasses?".

"No I certainly did not", I replied, surprised that he didn't remember that the last time I bought new glasses, I had enormous boobs and was almost blind, in India. If you've been with me for a long time, can you believe how little Joel was back then?


Joel a few minutes before first minutes of first hour of first day of first class of pre-school!
Vanja. She's on a boat, y'all.

Niki rocking a summer outfit that is both glamorous (gold headband!), cuddly (pet dog) and functional (bottle).

Any of these?

Have had the same glasses since 2006. Thinking of getting new ones.
Like any of these?

The face I'm making here is identical to the one I give my children when they don't do as they're told. Incidentally it is also my sexy angry librarian look as I don't know how to make that many faces. Can you feel it?

I agree completely

I agree, but wonder at the same time - compared to what?

Ps. Death takes the price in absurdity though. DEATH IS ABSURD.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You know I'm into medieval men

The effort put into making this seem like a normal situation. Two men in matching knitted medieval helmets, covering their ears in a most unflattering way, one adds flair with a blanket around his neck, the other with a poor-mans Madonna gloves.

I can't stop looking at them.

Ps. at same site, found this knitting pattern. I love sweaters like these. Have you seen any non-used, non-handknit around?

Important update. Was wearing this sweater below when I posted this. I always do this - look for clothes I already have.

I love my dad but

perhaps brad is my real dad?
just sayin.

Today's outfit

animator gif
I've been called a fashion blogger which is hilarious. But because this has happened to me, I've decided to share today's outfit with you. How anyone can post a today's outfit with a serious face is BEYOND me. And because I learned to pose in the Footloose era
that's the only kind of pose I know. Kevin Bacon's revealing crotch shot is on the house! You're welcome!

What I'm really trying to say here is that I might post today's outfits here as long as the clothes I wear were almost free of charge since I want to counteract all the pics of expensive clothes on blogs every where.

Today, wearing pants from an outlet (100-kronorsbrallan!) and Anders' old t-shirt that was was tragically/conveniently washed at the wrong temperature, thereby losing all manly style. Not a prob if you're a woman!

I wasn't going to have more kids but...

To think that this family has TWO OF THEM!

ps. Tack Cilla.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Har alltid velat ha en dotter som heter Sonja också

Har mycket att göra, så jag bloggar detta viktiga.


It really looked like this yesterday when I was out running. That's why so many rich people live where I do. Rich people like horses and open spaces.

It really felt like this too. Endorphins will do that to you.
Sometimes when I post pictures of where I run, you say you wish you had some beautiful place to run too. But that's the wrong way around. Just go running. Keep running til endorphins kick in. Then you'll feel you're in the right place, where ever you are.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The weekend in pictures

Sarah and Jonas got married after many years and three sons. Sarah is into dinosaurs and the north pole. She doesn't care that much about clothes. So the wedding gown thing was stressful. We, her friends did not understand this. Why not leave that to Jonas as she does with the rest of her clothes. This was different, she said.

But then, on her birthday, Jonas gave her 3 different Burberry dresses. Yes. As if he was her fairy godmother. One contemporary, one from the 90's when they met and one vintage 50's dress. Marry him!
Jonas himself wore a wonderful ORANGE BURBERRY SUIT.

In the bathroom, I saw an important message.
It was such a great party.

Come thursday

It will be 1o years since Aaliyah boarded that ill-fated plane. Such an enormous loss and tragedy! Here seen with another much missed legend.
Ps. Seeing this pic made me realize why I had to have an aqua jumpsuit.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The reason I did not buy new shoes.

Was about to buy these Chie Miharas, so hot in real life, much more beautiful than they look here.
But on my way to the store, fell over in front of ritzy sidewalk cafe - stood on all fours, undignified. Like this model. Did not buy more high heeled shoes.

Life's ugly face

Today will have to return beautiful Rodebjer clothes because of unexpected expenses such as bicycle helmet and new bike wheels. This being sensible thing. It doesn't suit me. at all.
couldn't have this because of brain protection.