Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hide & seek

Jennifer and friend

Imagine my joy when in Havana, a nice lady turns to me and asks "don't you have a blog?"
Jennifer, so good to meet you! My phone was stolen the next day so lost your contact info. 


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Went to Stockholm and everything looked like a postcard

Hi, long time no see

see I haven't blogged since february?

this is what's happened:

It's been a very long, cold and drizzly winter/early spring in New York. It's cold and drizzly today as well, though also beautiful in a muted, soft kind of way.

here are the cities/locations I have on weather check. Which do you have?


I went to Sweden and bought an apartment. We're moving back in July. I'm looking forward, forward to being on my own turf again in a city I love so much. I love New York too, but I've missed my friends and family and the streets and parks and well, home is home.

I hope the rest of my family will like the place as they haven't yet seen it. It's walking distance from the city but also close to the water and forest.

I'll go back to take a look with Anders in late april/early May.

My fourth children's book will be out in late May.
So much to happen in the upcoming months. A new home in the old country which must seem new to the kids. New jobs, new schools, new everything.

When the new seems overwhelming, I go to museums, where everything has already happened. Perhaps a few thousand years ago a woman like me was also moving, thinking about her new digs and where her children would now find new friends. Perhaps she bought this cup for her morning drink.
Likely not, but who knows. It's from the early 1st milliennium BC, from the Caspian region of current day Northern Iran. You can see it at the Met.