Saturday, December 27, 2014

A California Christmas

So we're in Cali, where there's no shortage of beautiful views. 
Anders is off surfing. 
Yes, that's the moon up left.

Our friends have a puppy. He's so cute and cuddly.

Lee making ginger bread

Dina baking in her Christmas finest. 

Then took off for our friends Emil and Malin's house where Santa made an appearance.

No shortage of beautiful views. 

Morris with Mason.

Joel with Mason. 

Niki at Universal studios.

Californians on ice.

No shortage of beautiful views. 

No shortage of beautiful views. 

I know this is getting ridiculous, but there's no shortage of beautiful views. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The zodiac

Seriously, how many type of goats are there and why do they each need their own sign?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Office life

View from my office: snow falling over CP.

Got a bit artsy merging indoors with outdoors. 

My work station.

Boob peek (painted by Nattier, the KING of nip slips) - on the house!

did some gift shop browsing, added this to wish list

left the castle

braved the cold dark wet world outside

At the Met

I remember thinking an officer and a gentleman was a movie about two guys - one officer and the other a gentleman. I was set straight. So when I saw this sign today at the met I thought "You're not gonna get me twice! This must be about fierce mothers"

Sadly it was about warriors AND mothers. they were not the same, though as any mother will tell you, they often are.

The hardest thing about being a parent

I'm on my own with three kids for a week, cause Anders is in Sweden.
It's fine.

What's really hard about being a parent is to stop yourself from laughing at the wrong moment.

Like yesterday, when Niki said she was terrified of having another nightmare involving "Turkey turtles. "

So hard not to laugh.
But she was dead serious.

This situation resulted in me biting the inside of my cheek so hard that I was sore for the rest of the evening.



It makes so much sense to me that

Metropolitan is an anagram för "Total emi porn".

I LOVE the Met.

Also: look how great perfume bottles looked back in the day (are you reading, Byredo?):

Is that you, king Julian?

Oh those handsome greeks with their heads filled with perfumed thoughts.

Monday, December 8, 2014

What I've walked past lately

Walked past this and wondered what had happened to its driver. 

Walked past this and rejoiced because a bookstore was opening, not closing!

Walked past this and wondered about the head in the cupboard.

Walked past this tree and finally understood where the Nutella-tree grows. In Brooklyn of course. 

Walked past Mr Fred Romano and thought perhaps I should take him home. 

Walked past Niki and her friend Kai under Niki's new umbrella a a a.

walked past Joel's Sunday pickup game and was grateful for the clear skies and sunshine. 
Apparently, Stockholm had less sun in ALL OF NOVEMBER than we did just this Sunday. 
They got 3 hours. I still miss that city.  

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Listening to Anne Frank

Think Selma does a great job here. Oh this book, that life.
So sad, brilliant, haunting. And so alive at the same time.

I know what Anne looked like. have been by her house. But I keep seeing my mom's face at around 11-12 as I hear the words read by Selma.

The blue morning light

These pics are from december in Sweden some years ago. 
The morning light in Sweden is so blue. 
It's not like that here in New York. 

Here, the winter morning light is like autumn morning light. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hot man alert

There is nothing more attractive than a man reading to a baby. 

Dear Japanese TV-crew

Thank you for stopping me in the street to take a picture of me featuring New York fashion for your Japanese TV-show.

You didn't ask but this is what I was wearing:

My mom's 50 year old red coat.

Black camisole from Bric-a-brac.

Uniqlo underwear.

Black socks.

Green silk socks from  APC.

Black silk sleeveless shirt from Filippa K.

Kerber Tuxedo jacket.

Kerber Comfy pants (yes they are)

Burgundy Whyred cashmere sweater bought for my 40th b-day. Love it.

Heat tech long-johns from Uniqlo.

Black Nike trainers.

Fjällräven backpack.

Barton Perreira Thoreau glasses. 


Wedding band.


Dental implant. 


Nivea deodorant.

Blood orange perfume from Atelier Cologne, a gift from my friend Sarah.

Bedford cheese paper bag containing jar of wild blueberry jam - gift for a friend. 
Not sure if this really counts as New York fashion? Not even sure if it's style. It's more my shell. A contemporary New York shell.