Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Swedish light

Thanks for staying up late, allowing for a game of night soccer at 11 pm.
Ps. all you people who see this and think it's fantastic -there's a payback, come see us at 4 pm

kära glasögonstylisten

Kära tävling Sveriges fulaste glasögon!

Det är så sorgligt att jag inte ens äger ett par solglasögon utan måste gå till en butik för att låna ett par glasögon för att få vara med i er tävling. Kan någon vara mer behövande? Hjälp!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Berlin

We went on a honey weekend to Berlin. Anders left the day before me to see a friend. I didn't complain. To me, this is a tray of luxury!

Drank wine here.
Ate ice cream here.
Drank beer here.

It was such a great weekend. We just slept late, biked around town, ate and drank and felt like we were 20 again.
Berlin can do that to you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Giles Coren

Lotta loves you, but she's also a little afraid of you. Her laughter is the best advertisment in years. Now I feel I need this book too. Hers is so worn, I had to comment: Wow, this book is actively read!

She replied: Yes it is. I can't let go of it, I bring it with me into the bath and everywhere else!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Lufthansa

Thanks for giving away a trip for us newlyweds to Milan this fall!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wedding gifts

Tack för Anthon, Bea!

Tack för en fantastisk kväll Andrea & Joppe mfl! Tack för blommor Sheppards, Sara Miller & co, Marga och Nils och familjen Andersson! Tack för champagne och jordgubbar till hotellrummet Bea, Lotta K, Lotta L, Nina, Maja och Martin! Tack för råsaftcentrifug och bröllopstårta Björn och Frida! Tack för guldarmband mamma! Tack för armband Sven! Tack för brudbukett, blommor, barnvaktshjälp och salt & pepparkar Mona! Tack för spel Walter! Har jag glömt något/någon? Hoppas inte!

Other people getting married

Anders, Maria, Fred & Nils
Child friendly ceremony!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Can you take even more pics?

Frida, Måns, dad, the other Björn.

Anders' dad, beloved grandpa Sven, Anna, Björn and Boris.

Anders mom, beloved grandma Mona and my mom.

My brother spent the night before the wedding preparing this sublime rhubarb pannacotta/almond cake.
Kissing while holding knives.

Cutting the cake.
Then we ate it and left the party.
Such a great day.
Tack alla!

And even more wedding pics

The rings, seemingly acting as receivers of holiness. They were really my old gold earrings, but who cares. We'll do something about rings later.

When I say I say it was fun getting married, I mean it.

Frida, mom, Walter.
Niki and Rut looking for bears. Also called Björn. Very convenient.
Back home, with guests of honor Spidey and Superman.

And more wedding pics

Benefits of getting married at Skansen: There are pigs to climb on.
My sister in law Frida, Björn, me and Måns, Anders sister Anna.
Vanja, Joel and their cousin Astrid during the "I do's".

The officials put my name down as Emi Gunter. People keep asking if I'm keeping my last name. I'm not going for Gunter though. Also, does this mean Emi Guner is not really married?

Walter & Astrid.

More wedding pics

The kids playing prior to the ceremony. That's my nephew Walter's golden locks to the left and my brother in law, Björn, to the right (yes, Björn like my brother).
The youngest guest, Måns, took it easy.
Mom cleverly acted as a witness at another wedding just as it started to pour.
The minister said it was his custom to kiss the hand of the bride. Why stop him? What I'd just promised meant less kisses from men other than my husband.
They say it rained. I barely noticed.
It was the kind of wedding where you you start out wearing comfortable shoes and pick a number. I changed into gold shoes a little later.

Dear fellow wedding couple

At Skansen, we ran into End Consumer favorites Jennie and Christopher Robin, the people behind Our Childrens Gorilla. Jennie wore her mothers vintage Ossie Clark and beautiful blue suede pumps.
Christopher Robin is partially seen here, with the couple's oldest son.
Such a talented, stylish couple!

Congrats on your wedding day! Or should I say ours?

Dear beaver

Just stopping by your house on the day after the wedding.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear everyone

Just married! When it comes to picking a life partner the end consumer recommends careful testing before signing any papers. This funny and handsome man, who I can now legally call my husband (or Anders) has been tested for child rearing abilities as well as for his social skills, cooking talents, knack for keeping secrets and for being the kind of man I love since 1999.
Because of Anders, there is Vanja, my love.
And there's also Joel. And Niki. My other loves. This is from the morning the day of the wedding. I found them like that, they wouldn't tell me what they were laughing about.
As you can see, Niki was dressed like her sister. With a few personal touches.

I'll post more pics later this week.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Lotta

I find it very hard to believe that you are "The kind of woman who men love to buy gifts for, unfortunately the gifts they give me are most often wellies".

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear APC

For years I've looked for this sweater and today I found it. My friend Hanna had one in this exact color, with a softness that matched the chicken shade. Hanna's no longer with us, or perhaps she's with us all the time, that's what I hope. We miss her so. Wearing it is a tribute to her. Thanks for making it!

ps. Lotta is in these picture to make them more fashion-y. She's wearing a dress from last night's clothes swap at Rebecka's place. Thank you Rebecka!

Dear Franka and Maja

Så roligt att träffa er idag!

Dear men

Admit it, you think the "before" is in the wrong place, don't you?

Dear Vanja

Världens finaste sommarlovsavslutningsperson!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kära svenskar

Var tror ni soptunnan tar vägen? Hoppas den åker in på något museum!

Dear Joel

This weekend, Joel informed us he'd rather go by the name of Peter. Just letting you know.

Dear Sara T

Congratulations on your "25th" birthday!