Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear Americans

Where do I find smaller hangers than the American standard? I need hangers for a narrow shouldered person who's kind of small but not a child. Myself.  Need an answer for this and Niki is pointing to the person who could help me. You.

More exploring Brooklyn

Visiting Mast Brothers chocolate. Smelled so great, that place.

Went to a shoe sale.

Niki gave Anna thumbs up to buying these red shoes. 

Imagine having two of her. 

Joel before and after

Dinner in the backyard

There's a back door in our bed room. 

If you follow...

these people...

you'll end up here. 

Everything is bigger in America. 

Paparazzing my own family.

Great things that have happened lately that I have limited or no pics of.

Anders sister Anna came to visit. She and I went to the movies at a place where they serve drinks and food during the screening. I loved it.

I went to see my friends Josh, Gill and Charlie.

Sarah took me to IKEA yesterday.

Far away from her tree.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Life here now is all about trying to get the kids adjusted to life abroad.
It's tough on them, this was mine and Anders decision and though it's hard to pity anyone who gets to move to NYC, it is challenging to switch environment, friends, habitat and yes, language.

They're at camp now, to pick up more English and hopefully make friends from the area before school starts.

I'm so impressed by how they stick it out, how they learn, how they adapt.

Also moved by camp counselor who found an app in his phone that translates English words into audible Swedish for Niki since she can't write or read yet.

School starts September 9. Our goal is to have the kids speaking and understanding English to a great degree by then. Vanja is already getting there, Joel right behind her. Niki is struggling but she's picking it up too.

Friends who've done this before us tell us not to worry and that soon the kids will start speaking English with each other.

Dear people of Greenpoint, Brooklyn

We love your park, too.

What Sweden's princess royale would look like with cornrows

Princess Victoria will most likely never get cornrows, but thanks
to my fingers and this optical illusion, you get an idea. Victoria, I say go for it.

Svenska läsare: Som ni ser avslöjar Carl Philip sin underbara hemlighet: han vill också ha cornrows.

Rude New Yorkers?

Been here for 4 weeks today, people are mostly really nice. Only two exceptions so far.

1. While crossing the street with my kids holding an umbrella in heavy rain, a woman came walking in the opposite direction. She had only a small magazine to cover her head. I kept walking straight across the street, thinking I would raise my umbrella so it wouldn't collide with her. It worked out according to my plan but she said STUPID STUPID STUPID to me as we passed each other. Kids asked what she said and I told them I wasn't sure if she was talking to herself for not bringing out an umbrella or if she was (more likely) impolitely addressing us. Some people just hate rain. And perhaps Swedes.

2. This morning saw a lone kid looking desperately unhappy, having fallen halfway out her stroller, feet locked in under the vehicle. I talked to her till her mother came and just wanted to explain to the parent why I was talking to her kid since that seems to be against some law here.

"She looked really uncomfortable" (severe understatement).

Mother's only reply combined with shooting me a look of death: WHAT EVER.

New Yorker's, if you see any of my kids that uncomfortable, feel free to talk to them. I will not bite you for being nice to my children.

Monday, July 29, 2013

I don't get it. But congrats to all of you who do!

Are you tempted to attend Couples Cupcakes Class?

Anders only comment: "Every man's dream."

My new gym

I love the new gym. I just go there to run so far, but on Wednesday will have a session with a personal trainer (this session was automatically included in gym membership together with a t-shirt my kids will get to sleep in), a prospect that kind of scares me.

The PT told me:  Yeah, we'll measure you up, talk about your overall plan and then I'll kick your butt.

We'll see how that goes and also: do I need to figure out an overall plan? I don't really have one beyond   staying happy.

More interesting than all of this though, to me coming from Stockholm Sweden where I've never seen the following: women who work out in the gym in full orthodox garb - from headwear to nylons and below the knee skirts. I salute these women. Stay strong and healthy!

My people.

Our living room right now

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trying to be: a pillar of strength

Many (almost no one) ask how I got these muscular arms. 
It's because of the kids. I juggle them like Steve Martin juggles kittens. 

This seems so long ago

About 3 weeks ago at home in Sweden.

The art of party-crashing in medieval Iraq

I love this book titleSelections from the art of party-crashing in medieval Iraq.

Here's an excerpt for you:

A party-crasher came to a wedding and was denied entry. He happened to know that bride’s brother was absent, so he left and got a piece of paper. He folded it up like a lette, and he sealed it (although there was nothing inside), and he addressed it “From the brother to the bride.”
He went back. “I have a note from the bride’s brother for her,” he said.
He received permission to go in and present the letter.
“We’ve never seen an address like this before,” everybody said. “It has no name on it!”
“What’s even stranger than that,” said the party-crasher, “is that there’s nothing inside – not one letter! That’s because he was in a big hurry when he wrote it.”
Everybody laughed. They knew it was a trick to get in, and they him get away with it.

Summer in New York

I've wanted the Birckenstock Gizeh for many years but was afraid of suffering pain between toes due to the leather thong. No worries people! Also, here's the answer to a question I've been asking for years too: It takes about two weeks to break them in properly but you won't be in pain meanwhile. 

Were going to a museum but stopped by a Barnes & Noble on the way. By stopped by I mean stay for 4 hours, thereby missing any chance to go to the museum at all. Still, everyone was just as happy with this decision. 

Readers who've been with me for a while understands the world collides feeling of this pic: bringing my kids to Zabar's. Did not work very well, kids were so energetic after all those calm hours in the book store, had to make them stand outside Zabar's instead of slowly walking around studying NYC delicacies. 

Another day: visited Prospect Park. Kids give this park 5 out 5 scooters.

Out of business/back in business?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Real camera pics

Vanja in her new home.

Niki (still with camp name tag).

Vanja picked the shower curtain.

Vanja in our new backyard.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Have you tried yet?

Just bought a couch through .
I really believe in this. It's buy local in a working form.