Friday, June 29, 2012


Have you seen Herzogs Cave of forgotten dreams? Is it so great I should import it from another country?

Prehistoric cave paintings coupled with Herzog sounds like such an SNL sketch AND dream come true to me.

Did you watch Italy-Germany?

Did you too keep thinking "Where have I seen Diamanti before?!?!?"

Here he is, in his Isaac Mizrahi incarnation.

Ps. What was that bracelet Diamanti had to tear off prior to playing?

Think we all know this feeling.

Kära Röda Korset

Många modebloggare har hört av sig angående copyn i ert skyltfönster. De vill att ni ska ändra texten till "En klänning köpt här hjälper minst två människor i kris."

Ps. Hur djävla dåligt är det inte att skämta om människor i kris?  Förlåt! Jag ska aldrig mer hacka på modebloggare.

Röstar inte blått

Den här mannen är säkert snäll mot djur, barn och gamla. Men hur kan man svara så tråkigt? Genom en fruktansvärd kraftansträngning tog jag mig ändå igenom alla hans svar, i jakten på ett enda tecken på livsvilja och livsglädje (fann det ej). Att moderaterna utsett denna präktighetsprisvinnare till partisekreterare, en man som visar en sådan generande brist på omdöme inför sina läsare är ännu en anledning till att moderaterna aldrig kommer få min röst.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bye Nora, thanks for the wit and the words

Thanks for the laughs and for sharing enough of your life and thoughts to make your New York come alive all the way over here.

I'll miss your voice, cracking with intelligence, wit, interest and self-mockery.

If you haven't read Nora yet (why refuse yourself this delightful pleasure?), pick up Heartburn and tell your family/and or friends/colleagues/boss you'll see them tomorrow. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pity us, Met

The ones who don't live in New York. Could you please post a video of this event?

What Vidimus readers are wearing right now

Things that are important to me: strength and a simian attitude. It's a winning concept, I have thousands of wealthy, big corporate clients who can't make it without me.

ps2. Not a Vidimus reader? That's ok. You can become one. 

I should be working, but

I should be working but found a piece of my childhood. It's from the commune. We're playing a game of "the bear is sleeping". I'm right there in the tie-dye skirt on the ground. Sara is next to me.

The setting looks so barren but I look at this and the tears are just welling up.
How long is a childhood? I think back on it now, years compressed into flickering instants.  I was barefoot all summer, running around the island with my friends. There were grown ups every where, engaged in restoring the place and debating how to change the world or play with us like they do here. Now the grown ups are all in their late 60s to 70s, battling all kinds of ailments.

I'm a grown up myself. When did that happen?
I can feel the dirt against my knees, my hands against my forehead, the building excitement as I know that any moment know, it's my turn to stand up and chase the others cause the bears are not sleeping any more.

Life is so heartbreaking in the way it's always moving forward, forward. I'd just like to visit the past every now and then, check in on the people who are gone, check in on the people we were, to live in a time before I understood the concepts of time, illness and death.

Who am I kidding. I still don't grasp death and time. I'm on the ground with my head on my hands, knees on the dirt, enjoying the exhilarating notion that I'm here, now.

Back to work.

Just have to calm down. Hardest thing of all - to look back without letting sorrow and sadness and longing take over. I want to change the human condition. Have those who are dead resurrected, the ill healthy. I'd like to look back on a picture like this and just relish in the good, without having to struggle with the sadness of longing for people I'll never meet again. Can't be done.

Out running

What I saw.

What my feet saw. Running was such a bitch. Remind me to go running more often.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dear Just dance

Had so much fun with you today. Press arrow to see my kids dance dance dance.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A really short, heartfelt poem

I hate knowing
the truth
about clouds.

Dear Facebook

Sure you meant no harm. You were only there to CONNECT me to IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. To SHARE important events, photos, links and jokes. Well, I'm too curious. Checking Facebook  became like an itch, something I did without noticing how I scratched too much. I didn't want to leave you, FB, I just didn't want to spend so much time with you.

You offered few solutions to my problem. Naturally, I understand that it's up to me to control how often I log on. Well, my control sucked. I needed something more drastic.

This is it. I unsubscribed from everyone.  I get no updates, from any of my 724 friends though we're still friends and I can check their pages if I like. But know what? This is working. You're slowly losing your appeal.

And should IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN MY LIFE want to tell me anything over FB I'm still there.

I'm sharing this because I'm over-sharing in general today (see post below) and also because I think there might be others out there with similar issues. Break free.

The truth about women and their salads

Surely, you've all seen this?
Well are you ready for the truth?
Here it is.
A woman alone with her salad.
Just wants to get it over with.

My PR-consultant advised me not to post this pic, but I find it important to broaden the view of women and their salads (in media).

Well, there's no "I" in other teams

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear DN

Sweden is no longer competing in the Euro 2012. But our main newspaper tries to cheer up the nation:
"We're forced to leave Euro 2012. But we're keeping up when it comes to tattoos!"


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yes, that's how we communicated

Tried to illustrate the concept of life before cellphones to the kids.

My kind of guy

Finally kid crafts serve a purpose. Jokesters unite and take over!

Life with kids.

Kids just make everything better. They can't help it. They're naturals.

Last day of school

Vanja sang "What a wonderful world". I cried like a baby. A baby with some kind of ache.  Had to cover my face, it was so distorted, it didn't make sense to look like that and be so filled with love and joy.

Joel's right front tooth is finally making a shy appearance. You can't see it here, but we've seen it. We've been waiting for this for close to a year.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I love this man and I'm not the only one. Seen here with my niece Rut.

The other day he said he thought he should be king.

After all, he has a Swedish crown on his head.

Ps. The thing I liked most about this joke is that dad was so serious about it that he used CLEAR TAPE to make sure the crown would stay in place even when tilting his head. That's dedication to an idea.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Childhood favorite

I love Tomi Ungerer. Love love love. When I daydream about accepting awards (unclear for what), I always include Tomi in my pompous acceptance speech. "Thank you Tomi" I say and pause while dabbing tears from my eyes before adding "for making my childhood richer and greater!

Thank you for peopling your books with individuals with prosthetic limbs, scared men, fainting gentlemen, a man with a gold watch cutting through his bald head and a screaming woman with a fountain pen stuck to her nose. I love you Tomi, you are the bestest (grammatically incorrect, but the audience thinks it's ok since I'm a foreigner and my saying "bestest" makes them feel superior).

The 2-year anniversary

It's been two years since I married the loving, smart, funny and handsome (yes in that order) Anders Frostenson. To mark the occasion I decided to change my name. My name is now Emi Guner. It used to be Emilie Guner, but no-one knew or seemed to care.

Ps. Sorry IRS, you were always careful to write my full name. Credit where credit's due!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another life

Who are these two? They seem so familiar.

Run with me

The hardest thing about running is putting your running gear on and actually geting out of the house, not just thinking about heading out.

Then just stick with this habit til you start liking it.

You can run to this

If you can stand still listening to it, check your pulse to make sure you're not flat lining.

Ps. Now you think "yeah I would go running too if only it looked like that where I live." The thing about running though, is that it will make you see the beauty all around you, no matter where you are.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stockholm street style

I've seen this lady for 20+ years, always better dressed than... well, everyone. Today when I was out running, I spotted the matching gloves and shoes an d ran up to her to compliment her.

"you always look so fantastic" I said.

"thanks" she replied, before she politely and inaccurately added that I looked great too, though we could both I was dripping with sweat in black longjohns and running shorts. Welldressed and well-mannered. One day I'll get there too. No rush.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Another day at my house

Niki wants to make smoothies. Anders says he'll make them with her. They settle for blueberry smoothies and use what's around the house. It's two days post Stockholm marathon. Anders adds protein powder to the mix.

Me: Should she really have that? (imagining a Belgian Blue version of my child)

Anders: Yes, why not? It's just protein.

Me: Yeah, but she's 4?

Anders: It's just rice and stuff. Why are you so prejudiced against protein powder?

Me: More curious like. (not true. Prejudiced/skeptical=true)

Anders: Right. (starting to mock me about all kinds of prejudiced stuff I can't even write, adding "I'm just curious" after each example.)

Me: Whatever.

Moments later the smoothie is all ready to be enjoyed. Niki drinks it with pleasure.

Me: Niki, how was it?

Niki: So good. And childproof.

4 years

Is there a 4-year old in your life? If so, congratulations. And: I wish you strength and patience!
The other day, when Niki threw a humongous tantrum I remained calm by saying to myself "this is parenting - master class." I had to bring out everything I've learned over the past 10 years to master the situation, including a toy rabbit who was very, very upset with his mother.

When the going gets insane, I recommend thinking like that. Master class. Breathe. Focus. You can handle it.

Welcome to Sweden

These are very Swedish to me. They give you the comfort of a park bench without forcing you into unnecessary intimacy with strangers. It's a thoughtful concept, but isn't this even weirder and somehow even more intimate?

Office meeting

Important dignitary John Persson Blix stopped by with his personal assistant Maja. John said my new office was very pleasing. He looked at it from every angle. I feel very happy about his thorough investigation.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A for effort!

Actually, A for everything about this girl and for her guts - travelling solo like this on the subway as if she was just wearing jeans and t-shirt like everyone else.

Klotter som lindrar förvirring

Älskar att någon ryckte in och hjälpte kollektivtrafikanterna hitta ut på rätt gata!

Dear mr henshaw

Have you seen the Swedish cover? It makes Caravaggio's boys look timid by comparidon and makes this reader wonder if there's something between the lines (or sheets) I've missed when reading this great book?


Dessa plantor

Inte nog med att de kräver vill att man ska prata med dem...

 kan skriva också.

Marathon man's daughter

Raised to pep and cheer no matter what weather.

Ps. Thanks for asking, 3.01. Conditions were horrible so in the family we consider this an even greater feat than the sub-3 time from Beirut.