Sunday, July 22, 2012

You could own this

I LOVE Lotta. You'll love her food and stories. Do you ever wonder what I do, like for work?
Well for instance, I translated this book just for you.
You're welcome!

Ps. The book won't be out in stores until September. But you can pre-order!

Zsa Zsa and her daughter

To me, this picture is an entire novel. Keep coming back to look at it. Posting it here so I know where it is.

Male ideal

Dad and his grandkids.

Your best Swedish souvenirs

If you consider visiting Sweden, I say do it, not just because we have horses walking around on mountains against a sea backdrop and it's weirdly bright at 10 pm but mostly because you can buy really great souvenirs at every pharmacy.

I'm talking about a deodorant called BATS. What woman wouldn't like to roll a bat against her just shaved pit? Roll it!

And as if that wasn't enough, the pharmacy also offers FÄSTINGLASSOS! Tick lassos (tick lassoes? tick lasso? tick lassoi (greek plural style?))

Whenever I see a tick that's my first thought too! Where's the lasso?

Welcome to Sweden!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kicks for Vacationing Chicks

One upon a time, a long time ago, my momtold me that the hardest thing in the world was for a woman to reply to ademand simply by saying “no”. No elaborations or explanations. Just no.

I think she’s right. But the second hardestthing in the world is to say “I’m on vacation” without silently adding in yourhead “from my problems”.

Have you seen “What about Bob?” If so, youunderstand, if not, what’s keeping you?

I'm on vacation, but I'm also trying to win these. Nike doesn't like the word "gun" so I couldn't name my shoes in honor of my company Lovegun, tribute to KISS and to the idea that the only thing that should ever come out of a weapon is the atoms of love. 

So I had to name them the somewhat cheesier Love Run. This name is my gift to Ron Burgundy. He'd never go for just a quick jog would he? No. He'd go for a Love Run, wearing these. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Önskar att det alltid stod så här.
Tack Livia för bild.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I laugh most about now

Being sexy. The constant implication that there is nothing women want more than to be sexy.

I don't care if you like what you see when you look at me or not.

Sexy. It's not in dress or undress to me.

Sexy is all about what's going on in your head or in the way you move. Or how you smell.







my stance has always been (correct or not) that who ever is with me is a lucky son of a bitch. Young women (and men) take note of this  - it's true, the one you're with is just as lucky as you are. Often luckier.

Not interesting to me in the sexy department: 

How you treat the hair growing in your pubic area.

How you treat the hair growing in your arm pit area.

If you have chest hair or not.

If you have facial hair or not.

If your hair is long or short.

If you're plump or skinny.

If you're a doctor or a gas station attendant.

Sexy to me: 

You make me laugh.

You smell nice.

(I think this is the origin of sexy. I think if you went back to say, 200 000 BC, the first cro magnon women would reply to the question of why they went to bed/cave/bed rock with a certain man with the following words:

Laugh. Smell nice.

Or, if language was not on such an advanced level: