Saturday, March 19, 2016

You'll love her too

I've always listened to old music and must have heard her before but it's not till this week that I've really re-discovered Maxine Sullivan and her amazing voice.

listen to Gone with the wind and swoon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The members of my family I don't currently live with

Miss them every minute of every day. Will reunite soon.

Outing with mom and Niki

Spring is on the way

Stockholm in fog

books - what I'm reading right now

Right now I'm reading this:

It's interesting. There are lots of things in it I didn't know before. For instance, Angela informs the reader that in Roman times. all reading was done aloud, even when you were on your own. That silent reading didn't occur until much later, in convents, when silent reading was introduced so as to not disturb the prayers and meditations of others.

Could this really be true I still wonder? The nature of writing and reading is so often about words that are better kept silent - or secret? WHERE IS MY TIME TRAVELING MACHINE FOR FACT CHECKING THIS?????

Also reading - or rather listening - to this:

This book is itself like a time machine. It feels so authentic, I don't know if I've ever read another book that's made me feel like I'm really there like a fly on the wall in the room, here shared by Lämmchen and Hannes.

And yes, like everyone else, am reading Elena Ferrante, but am reading so slowly. It is magnetic in its way but dense like truffle. I can only take a little piece at a time.

Monday, March 14, 2016


LOOK! I CAN POSE WITH COSMETICS! Like a real, bonafide blogger!

What is this you wonder? Is it my new lipsmacker hat? 
No, it's lipstick for people who can't wear lipstick. It's Fresh's colored lip balm. 
I love this stuff. 

Life in Stockholm these days

We see friends, we go to Skansen,  we go to museums, we watch Netflix. New season of Puss in boots is fine.

Went to NYC

Anders and Vanja.

Me and Joel.

Going back again soon, will bring Niki this time. The whole family together again. Can't wait.