Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear grandma

My granny passed away yesterday. She was almost 93. She taught me many important things, like the fact that people never really stop smoking they just quit buying their own. She also advised me to wear a large wide brimmed hat when driving a car, because that makes male drivers forgive most mistakes you may make on the road. I think she was speaking from experience. She travelled all over the world. She had 5 kids. She trekked in Himalaya in her 70s. She read extensively. She had so many friends.

I remember her telling a story of how she, as a young woman, once went to a dance and was asked to dance by a man with a very high regard for himself. He asked her for her name. She replied "Petersson" which wasn't her name, but a very common Swedish name, just to spite him. He left her there and then on the dance floor. No lie.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear son

Joel: My brain is not so good.

Me: Really? I haven't noticed. It seems fine to me.

Joel: You know when people tell me stuff, I don't remember it.

Me: Sure you do.

Joel: Not really. But if someone says "damn!" then I remember. Even if it was a really long time ago.

Me: A damn fine brain.

Joel: Yes!

Overheard at Nathalie Schuterman

Two extremely well dressed HIGH MAINTENANCE women in superior clothing talk about shoes. One towers in some kind of stilettos, the other is wearing paillette platforms.

Platforms: But are yours comfy?

Stilettos: You get used to it. Yours?

Platforms: These are SO comfy. With platforms, the heel and toe are almost at the same level, yet they make you taller. So great. On the other hand I fall over all the time.

Stilettos: Tell me about it!

Platforms: And it's quite some distance to fall too!

dear readers

agent guner,investigating consumer reporter at your service. seen here in a whyred fitting booth. many coats looked good on hanger, on my body less so. the search for a great coat/jacket is on.

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Dear son

Conversation with son.

Joel: I am a new Superhero!!!!!!

Me: Wow. Who are you?

Joel: I am STRONGman!

Me: Wow indeed.

Joel: Unfortunately, I use my powers to do evil.

Me: What kind of evil do you do, STRONGman?

Joel (pausing to think of the most evil he can imagine):
I...I tear pages out of books!

Dear A.P.C

At first, I thought you hated me, personally.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear Marvel

Dear Marvel, Joel and I read Spiderman today and we are very disappointed. Spidey did not attack a single person or other creature. He let chance and Spiderwoman do all the work. We are upset and would like a refund.

Dear Thursday night (later on)

It was the Ruth Ansel night. Here's Jacob and Angela
Maina in the middle and Angelas husband Lord Peter Wimsey to the right.


Dear Friday night

The kids all wore their new pj's, making them look like refugees from

A) a novel about an English childhood
B) the upper class
C) an insane asylum

(take your pick).
They seemed happy though. Maybe it was the cheez doodles.

Dear anglo readers

Sorry, this post can not be translated.

Mötte gammal vän som lite skamset men ändå skrattande berättade:
"Emi, nu går jag officiellt in i tantåldern - har köpt Silvia-sjal att ha på jobbet. Jag fryser så mycket."

Här visar hon plagget som avslutade hennes ungdom. Samtidigt berättade hon att hennes man gjort något oerhört ungdomligt natten innan. Vad kan jag inte berätta, men det var inget snuskigt.

Dear Thursday night

Lotta with pans, Lotta, Christina, Winter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Lidingö

Where I live, there's really just one dress option open to the male population. Put on a white fisherman's sweater and if you need to accessorize, do so only in plaid.

Dear Gooh! do

Dear Gooh! (interesting choice of name if you plan on going international), do you need my copywriting help? Your suggestion seems a bit lame.

This is what this sign advertising Gooh's fancy pre-packed meals says something along the lines of:

"Tip! For a more luxe dining experience, serve on a plate!"

Did you pay someone to come up with that one?
I'd write that for free!
-e, will work for food.

Dear baby

I know you think you can only be there on the floor, screaming "STOP IT EVERYBODY" but I'm taking you on a walk now.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Hilary Swank

It's silly how much you look like Matt Damon when you're really supposed to look like Amelia.

Dear Marion Cotillard

Suddenly it seems of the highest importance to sometime in my life dress like you in head to toe Dior.
Below: Perhaps not Dior, but I'd take this dress too.