Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Went running with NAS at our local track field today and it felt so awesome.
I've just put up another challenge. Run with me! All you need is NIKE+ GPS, some stamina and a pace faster than 8 minute/km. That's not really fast (not even running, more like a brisk walk).

I'll keep the challenge open for you till tomorrow only, then I'll close it again, otherwise it will be swarmed by male German marathon runners like every other time I've put up an open challenge.
If you want to run to the same music as me (yay), try this. It's very heavy on the NAS. You have been warned/informed.

Monday, February 27, 2012

On life

I live in a house. There are several beds, couches and chairs in this house. But I do most of my reading sitting on our bathroom floor.

I brush my teeth at night and it's cosy and not too bright in here. I just sit down. The floor is warm and it's not too far from the bed room.

But I didn't even realize this is one of the truths of my life. That really, i live like this. Sometimes (often) I sit on a plastic toddler step.

It's not dignified but it's true. What other truths of life do I not yet confess?what are yours?

Help me understand

Go Lucy Lawless!!!

But why are you trying to "save the arctic" in New Zeeland? Isn't that Antarctica?

Our civilization

Know how people say the ancient Egyptians were obsessed by death and the afterworld?
Well, have you tried watching TV after 9 pm?


The other day, as I was emptying out the tub after giving the kids a bath, I looked at the water swirling and twirling out. Looked so pretty! I thought "I should make a gold whirl dress". But too late, Marchesa had already made a dress with a big whirl at the hip. Perhaps it's not too late. I could make one with the whirl spinning the OTHER WAY, cunningly designed to suit people in the southern hemisphere where water whirls in the opposite direction.

ps. This dress tops my weird dress list, placing ahead even of Demi Moore's creation.
Stacey's dress looks like it's about to give birth to another somewhat smaller dress. Marchesa, why?!??!?!

Ps 2. Some people have trouble with Cher's taste in clothes. I'm not one of those people. I LOVE CHER!!!! LOOK AT HER! SHE REIGNS SUPREME!!!! I think the scarf/blanket is unnecessary but beyond that? Impeccable.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extreme co-parenting

A rare picture where Joseph gets to hang out with his famous spouse and her son from a different relationship.

God is such an interesting father figure. Never visible, He's still always there. The term "Quality time" wasn't coined by God.

Lyssna på slutkonsumenten

Här, jag var med i Stil i P1 och SKRATTADE ÅT MODE. Du får också höra PILLS THRILLS & BELLYACHES-MANNEN samt lära dig en hel del om ANITA LOOS.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Found this picture of an old lioness, hanging out in Rome.
To her left, a somewhat older lion.

Know what happened in Rome?

We were out walking and I saw a sign indicating we were just passing by a small museum of fashion. I told my brother I just wanted to take a quick look. We went up to the building, trying to find an entrance to the museum. We couldn't see it. Then, a museum person appeared from a small door and produced a key, proceeded to unlock a door JUST FOR US and let us in.

Inside, there was a fantastic collection of clothes, all of which seemed to have belonged to PALMA BUCARELLI.

It was like a dream. I still don't know if it really happened.

Besides being very interesting professionally, she wore shoes like these, in the 50s.

Went to the beach in this.
So much to say about her, I can't get beyond that the most elegant woman in Rome
was appointed inspector at a museum at Villa Borghese in Rome at age 23, hid art from the Nazis and later became famous for protecting Piero Manzoni's shit.

I've tried to find the name of the museum for you, think it is

Museo boncompagni Ludovisi. The Great Company of Louie Museum.
Please open an "in the great company of Emi" museum.

That would be all.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweden has a new princess!!!

As of this morning, a new royal has seen the light of day and though I'm a leftist anti-monarchist I'm in no way against royal individuals and honor the right to feel happy for them when they experience the magic of meeting their baby for the first time.

Am myself the proud mother of a princess (her current identity choice, we'll see what it is next week) which makes me a queen. You can call me YOUR MAJESTY.

that would be all.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love through the centuries

Have you seen this painting before? It's by Bronzino and the subject is Bia, the almost 6-year old illegitimate daughter of Cosimo de Medici. He was just 16 when Bia was born and once he married and had kids, she grew up alongside her half-siblings.

I love this portrait, and knowing Bia was already dead when it was painted makes it even more emotional to me. The utter despair of losing a child. I can sense the immediate need of having her picture painted soon, soon, to have her likeness around.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Congratulations InStyle March 2012 issue!

You just won my personal poor timing award!

What I loved about the Rome trip

Street art: the only way is up.

What I loved about Rome: Basically, everything.

From the mild February weather with lots of sun that we enjoyed in the Villa Borghese park, to the wonderful paintings from Villa Livia at the Museo Massimo to the food to the many cappuccinos to our excursion to Mussolini's insane Foro Italico,
(I'm running in my long johns here, hoping it makes Mussolini spin in his grave to find a short middle aged woman running in her thermal underwear at his beloved stadium).
(Anders saw this and wondered "is that a turd?". But that is no fascist turd, that's just the firm bottomed man's gloves.)

But most of all, I loved hanging out with my brother. Get yourself a brother.
When life brings you lemons, get a brother.

Back from Rome

Went to the Maxxi, saw this, wanted it to be pasta but it was made from hay.
I liked the "please don't smoke next to our giant hay installation" sign.

Later that day went to Pigneto, the closest Rome gets to modern day Berlin, a place so alternative and seemingly weed/wine friendly that places were proudly serving a dish only authentic munchies would justify: Pizza with Nutella.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Enigmatic spam

I get this and think "spam". Then I notice the greeting "your majesty" and conclude that the sender must know who I am. Crack now!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Italian women

Know the secret of getting their laundry really clean! Also, seem to use lots of handkerchiefs. Cold in the household, casalingha?

Does this happen to you?

For me, every journey involves a new way for my shoes to let me down. Right shoe, you're fired!


I used to hate it, now it's fine. Amazing even. To get to see the world like this!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Travel with my brother

On the way to Rome . My brother the science journalist has already proved his high qualities as travel companion by offering this interesting information while waiting for the train to the airport:

"Did you know they just opened face transplant clinic in Uppsala?".

No! Did not.

I'd like to wear this explanation as a tattoo or t-shirt


Tomorrow - a gentle breeze

Leaving Stockholm (Sweden)

18:00–00:00Cloudy.  For the period: 18:00–00:00-3°0.2 – 0.5 mmFresh breeze, 9 m/s from northFresh breeze, 9 m/s from north

going to:
Rome, Lazio (Italy)

13:00–19:00Fair.  For the period: 13:00–19:0012°0 mmGentle breeze, 4 m/s from northGentle breeze, 4 m/s from north

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I miss

I still miss Mr Showbiz.

Believe me

With hairless bodies becoming so standard that this little thing pictured can still be called a bikini bottom, the trend pendulum is about to swing. Get ready to embrace the hair again!


Someone's doing something right at the Armani house! Ri-Ri, you rock the denim pantsuit look. Rock it. Rawk eeeet. Like a rocket.


Ändå vill man veta ännu mer.

Det mystiska folket

Tänk att de kanske bor där, i skorstenen och har telefon med fast nummer!

Funny or sexy - you decide!

The Acne oversized tassel loafer. Think of it
as a shoe with a large, proud leather mustache.

Funny or sexy - you decide!

We may be laughing now (or I am) but we all know we'll probably yearn for a hat like this too, a few years from now. Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2012.

MJ loves Jamiroquai?

Funny or sexy - you decide!

Just out strolling in my leather coat and little else, nothing strange about that, cause I'm Giselle and I do whatever I feel.

Monday, February 13, 2012


If you've read this blog or my previous blog, you know I have a huge problem with my feet. My feet are as wide are they're long and on top of that, I've got bunions. The feet hurt a little, but basically the main trouble is I have hobbit feet in a world of lean footed humans. Buying/wearing footwear is a nightmare.

Now I've seen a doctor and might have surgery. Though I'm a bit weary since I love the running and walking of my everyday life and whenever I do get surgery I'll have to rest for 6 weeks (each foot). So I keep putting it off. But when I see Rosario Dawson skip around in her little booties, I feel it might be essential to have the surgery.

The brain is such a fucked up construction.
1. I see Rosario Dawson.
2. I think (like I'm sure everyone does) that it is imperative to look more like Rosario Dawson.
3. Brain delivers solution: have foot surgery.

4. Brain, you're fired.

Rome - do you know

Is there an old indoors bath in Rome? Not talking about Roman era Terme, I mean more like a public indoors swimming pool that's at least 100 years old?

Like Stockholm's Centralbadet or Sturebadet (top pic)?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Or those?

Too lazy to work out? Get muscles here.

Light up your day and others!


Loved you!!!!!!!!!Here's my dance tribute to you, showing how you've made me feel over the years. I've even had this song as my personal anthem since I'M ALSO EVERY WOMAN!!!

Feel free to mail me your dancing too and I'll post them here as a tribute!
emi at lovegun dot net. Because you're human, you can process that into an e-mail adress.

Ps. What you don't see in this video is Vanja, dancing outside of the frame. She didn't want to be filmed.

ps 2. niki wanted to be included.

Thank you!

Am so grateful to live in a time with access to dishwashers, laundry machines, antibiotics and movies like Puss in boots. I LOVE THIS DANCING SCENE!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pregnant and proud!

Mi Mamacita

Found this pic of mom and me yesterday.

Me: Mom, I LOVE this pic of you!

Mom: Thanks!

Me: You look sooo beautiful here. So in love. Is it because you're so in love with the photographer?

Mom: Yes! I do look kind of cute there. And sure, I was definitely in love. So in love. With you.



My old college friend Josh has a new book out on show dogs and he's seen here on CBS promoting it. He tells Gayle King and Charlie Rose "Most of us don't get pampered like showdogs do, I mean unless perhaps you're a morning talk show host."

I love Josh and I'm sure his book is great. Get it here.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Running for and with the president

Run with me and Obama's playlist!

Ps. have now listened to some of the music and it's clear that though I really like mr president, I don't share his taste in music. Michelle, waiting for yours now!

Restylane people

I walked by this today and all I could think was "Restylane people don't you want your money back? You look exactly the same, just more plastic!"

Restylane, I won't be one of your people. Not even sorry about that!