Friday, November 28, 2014

Life with kids

At first didn't understand why ironing board moved when I moved the chair. 

Material desires

I love Ivana Helsinki so much. 
If possible, would dress in only Ivana, Kerber and hmm, maybe Isabel Marant?

Those blue boots? I lurve them. 
Perhaps need to go to Helsinki. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

dollars and phones

Today, I was sitting on the platform waiting for my train. A lady with a brown bag with white dots was sitting next to me. I took a note of her bag cause it reminded me of one of Julia Roberts dresses in Pretty Woman.

I didn't really look at the woman, (I was reading my book - Ramona the brave).
I just suddenly noticed that she must have left - before any train had come. And where she had been sitting was a small roll of dollars - maybe 3 or 4 bucks.

So I picked them up and ran towards the exit in search of a brown bag with white dots and I found her and gave them to her and she was happy.

Then I got home and couldn't find my iphone. So used the find my iphone-thing to search for it and type in a number where I could be reached - Anders number. Within seconds Anders let me know that it had been found so I ran to get it - a nice man named Forest had picked it up. He only accepted half of my humble finders fee - I gave him $ 40, he wanted none of it, then accepted 20 on my insistence- and did so to treat his friends to coffee.

when you're a forgetful person, you're often reminded of how many people there are out there who're just nice.

I believe in Karma but only good karma. I don't believe people get punished. So I'll keep running after people with stuff they've lost.

Also: keep that findmyiphone thing switched on!


I was recently asked if you need to have a gmail account to comment here.
You don't!

You just go to comment, click the bar, scroll to whatever method you'd like to use and voila.

If I still had photoshop on my computer

... I would make it so that I was in the mirror of Arnolfini's wedding by my man Jan.

Sadly, do not have photoshop these days. But your mind is even better so just imagine. 
How I wish I could crawl into that picture. 
What picture would you crawl into?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Looking forward

Looking forward to having grandkids and looking backwards 
missing having one of these in the house. 
The 3-year old is a special breed. 

I keep thinking about this and think it's true

Susan Cheever on writing:
You've described writing as being like DNA. What do you mean by that?
It’s like DNA in that it reveals everything about who you are. If you write a paragraph, I can tell everything about you from that paragraph. A sentence even. It’s not that wild. In a sentence, you make a million choices. Every word, how you punctuate it, whether you invert it or not. There are a million choices that go into writing one sentence. Therefore, each sentence is hugely revealing. I don’t think people are aware of that. At Bennington, students write their evaluations of us, and they’re anonymous. What a joke. Who can’t tell who’s writing what? I teach them, for heaven’s sakes. It’s a riot.

we keep skating and loving it!

Also pictured: Niki's friend Yasmin. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time travel

I listened to this whole TAL-segment dedicated to time travel. 
Turns out that given the choice of a preferred super power,  9% of Americans would choose the ability to travel in time.

First of all, what a low figure. I was surprised it wasn't 9% who wouldn't want this ability.
Secondly, the majority of people wanted to travel in time to fix something in their own lives or see what life would be like for them in the future.

What a boring perspective!
I'd travel in time to see for my own eyes what things were really like. And why travel just 20 years back into your own life when you could spy on cave painters, visit renaissance courts, witness Egyptian coronations, travel on the mighty barges of Roman emperors, listen to the music of ancient China, witness the schemings of medieval Kings, try the food from days when all food was locally sourced, organic and free from pesticides, check out dinosaurs and witness what life really was like for the Maya or get horseback riding tips from natives of the American plains.

Would you travel back into your own life or roam freely through time? Where would you go?

Smokin hot

Love Magali Attiogbé's work.

I love words and letters

Only in the world of words do the same components work to form



Old me.

Monday, November 17, 2014


I always get that "you and me buddy" feeling when confronted with Egyptian scribes of the past. 
You might think that wouldn't happen too often? 
That's because you don't use museums as your office. 

Also, is that Jimmy Fallon's long lost Egyptian ancestor?

I also feel connected to ancient Egyptians carrying children who're really old enough to walk themselves.

I didn't know this about myself.

I love ice skating!


Like mother like daughter.

Friday, November 14, 2014


I love this so much.
It's hard with a song like this, reality doesn't compare. Only select memories.

What if....

What turned out Joel has really been the one writing this blog all along?

News from Stockholm

Did you all see this? Hail a cab, get a shrink.

Oooh to be a Gooner

On tough days, I imagine to myself that Arsenal's fans are really singing my last name GUNER (pronounced Gooner by you Anglos).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Just received a mail from our landlords saying they're selling the building we live in.
So we'll be moving again.

Not sure where to.

I'd love to try the Upper West Side to be close to both water and park, but think we'll remain fairly close to where we are to let the kids stay within their habitat (soccer practice etc).

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Those who understand, understand

Did you also grow up thinking these two were kind of the same "people"?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

copy enhanced cookies sell better

Do you miss my blog posts from Sweden?

Well if you do, there's a Canadian (or born American?) woman who's started a blog about her new life with family in Sweden and her surroundings look very familiar.

I looked at her posts and saw a tree I feel like I'm on a first name basis with!
You've seen me in that very tree (yes, the pic above show the top section of her intersection tree!)

Here's her blog.