Thursday, July 30, 2015

What is your stance on this, Scrabble people?

When you play Scrabble, do you and your co-players agree that do re mi fa so la ti do count as individual words?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My summers have looked like this since 1976

re-visiting a favorite childhood landscape

Keep loving this camera

Sometimes even God recycles great ideas

when making this mushroom I think God said to God's self: 
Man, I'm tired, today I'll just take that shape I made for corals and make 
it in mushroom material instead. 

First you're a woman, then suddenly a grandma

Niki pics

This hair makes it easy to hide in grass that's a little taller than a 7-year old. 

Summer pics

Weather-wise, it's been a typically Swedish July.

This kind of ladder has been engineered for centuries with one main objective: to be very tricky/impossible to climb if you're a sheep. 

Swedes will get this one. Watch out, mamma!

When I was the age my oldest daughter is now

I remember the feeling of these clothes so well. I think this was also the year i had a swatch with a wristband that smelled of fruit. Remember those?

Those jeans with with flowers - bought them in Italy on a trip to lake Garda with my mom, we took the bus from Garda to Florence and Venice. Those jeans were so hot back then, jeans with print, how fashionable and new! 

I also remember mom and me in Venice with men whistling at us and both of us thinking their attention was intended for us, not the other. 

Mom was not even 40 then. 
And yes, I still remember those clothes so well, how that blue sweater with penguin sleeves (so fashionable and new!) kept falling off my shoulder.

I didn't wear a bra for years - too embarrassed of my new body's desire to grow old before my mind was ready for it. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Chie collection

When it comes to heels, I can almost only wear Chie Mihara. All othres I have to remove mid evening and proceed barefoot. Now Chie has a new collection out, so if you share my trouble perhaps there's something for you here.

I got Lentil in green and red. Can't wait for them to arrive.

Yesterday's sightings

Yesterday we -the kids and I - took the bus to the house my granny bought in 1976. It's out in the countryside, between the big forest and a little bay.

It's the old country. It's easy to picture people having to leave this region due to potato famines and misery.

We go berry picking and mushroom picking. There's a rush to pick. Perhaps someone else, unclear who, might get to the picking before us. As if anyone could even noticably deplenish the amounts of berries in the forest.

At one point I saw a big bird soar towards the sky and told mom and Vanja to "look"! 

But they only saw a fox running away. 
I thought I saw the fox sneak back to look at us. 
We were unsure. 
Was it the fox or just an old tree stump sitting there across from us?
See that little little thing in the midst of the opening?

It was the fox, observing (from a safe distance) the rare visitors. 
watching you watching me, a-ha. 

Summer reading

I got a Kindle and love it. This way I can keep doing what I always do - read 15 books at the same time but without having to carry all of them around.

right now have these loaded onto Kindle

Why be happy when you could be normal  - Jeanette Wintersson

The folded clock - Heidi Julavitz

My Venice and other essays - Donna Leon

H is for Hawk  - Helen Macdonald

Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel

We are all completely beside ourselves Karen Joy Fowler

Brought paper books too: 

Ellen Tebbitts by Beverly Cleary

Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary

and this one. 

what are you reading?