Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hide & seek

Jennifer and friend

Imagine my joy when in Havana, a nice lady turns to me and asks "don't you have a blog?"
Jennifer, so good to meet you! My phone was stolen the next day so lost your contact info. 


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Went to Stockholm and everything looked like a postcard

Hi, long time no see

see I haven't blogged since february?

this is what's happened:

It's been a very long, cold and drizzly winter/early spring in New York. It's cold and drizzly today as well, though also beautiful in a muted, soft kind of way.

here are the cities/locations I have on weather check. Which do you have?


I went to Sweden and bought an apartment. We're moving back in July. I'm looking forward, forward to being on my own turf again in a city I love so much. I love New York too, but I've missed my friends and family and the streets and parks and well, home is home.

I hope the rest of my family will like the place as they haven't yet seen it. It's walking distance from the city but also close to the water and forest.

I'll go back to take a look with Anders in late april/early May.

My fourth children's book will be out in late May.
So much to happen in the upcoming months. A new home in the old country which must seem new to the kids. New jobs, new schools, new everything.

When the new seems overwhelming, I go to museums, where everything has already happened. Perhaps a few thousand years ago a woman like me was also moving, thinking about her new digs and where her children would now find new friends. Perhaps she bought this cup for her morning drink.
Likely not, but who knows. It's from the early 1st milliennium BC, from the Caspian region of current day Northern Iran. You can see it at the Met.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Go go, Elizabeth Warren

The shortest photography class you'll ever take

These two pics were taken with less than 50 seconds apart, by the same photographer using the same camera, with the same lens, in the same location. The subject matter is also the same: fake bird with real bird.

It's easy to see which is the better shot.
All it took was a changed f-stop (and consequently changed shutter speed) and and a few steps closer.

(f/16, ISO 400, 1/60)
(f/2 ISO 400, 1/13000)

Every day thought reading the news



Tuesday, February 7, 2017

NYC - no filter

Taking a photography class and learning about shutter speeds and f-stops

this one's shot 5 minutes AFTER pic above, but with longer shutter speed (9 seconds)

silky water (30 seconds)

ferry under bridge (14 seconds)

ferry under bridge and helicopters above (30 seconds)

sirens on the bridge (0.32258s)

early morning (0.43478s) 

early morning, silky water (30 seconds)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Welcome to my new instagram account

Have started yet another instagram account, so I have a special place to post anything museum related

Thursday, February 2, 2017


So many things I don't understand about the world right now. Like these jeans?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shocked ostrich has now been shocked for 3000+ years

went to the morgan library, loved this

A Winged Hero Pursuing Two Ostriches
Cylinder seal and impression
Inscription abraded in antiquity.
Mesopotamia, Middle Assyrian period
ca. 1250–1150 B.C.
31 x 14 mm
Seal no. 606
Item description: 
In one of the most striking of the Morgan's Middle Assyrian seals, a hero pursues an adult ostrich, possibly representing the earthly equivalent of the griffin, the conveyor of death. The fleeing ostrich, with its head turned back in fear and fury and its feathers bristling, ranks among the greatest Mesopotamian depictions of animals. In the biblical Book of Job (39:13–17), the ostrich is considered a malevolent creature because it disdains its young, which may account for the presence of the young ostrich and enhances our understanding of this extraordinary seal.

Monday, January 23, 2017


look who marched where I marched!
edie windsor! 

longtime blog readers understand my star struckedness - here's a post from 2012

Women's march NYC

marched in NYC with the kids and it was great! here's one of my favorite signs from the day:

Working out with Americans

I'm getting Spy fit with the help of The Americans.

script is good but the styling? SO GOOD

found myself googling

" Where to find everything Nina wears on the Americans;  everything: boots, dresses, coats, blouses tutti "

No spoilers please, am just a few episodes into SEASON 1.

Pope on POTUS

wait and see?

how about what we can conclude after just the first half week?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's Tuesday, my good news day

We're moving back home to Stockholm in July.
I love New York but Stockholm is my home. My real home.

Now: finding a new home (we sold the house last year), finding schools for the kids, finding a job for me. It will be an interesting year.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Camera shy

I'm taking a photography class for many reasons. First out, I want to master my camera beyond auto settings. But I also want to curb my shyness - I constantly see people and situations I'd love to capture but then don't because I don't want to step on anyone's integrity. Which is certainly a virtuous standpoint but is it true or am I just too chicken? 

This is a typical picture of a stranger by me. I don't think the man here could complain about having his privacy invaded? His identity is hidden by his looming work. But he is there. THough this would have been a much better picture with more of him revealed, don't you think? 

I often walk past this office. I feel a little bit better every time I do, though I feel for the people inside. But it gives me hope about doing my taxes. My paper work shrinks by comparison.

Happy to be alive!

The other day was inches from death as a school bus swerved into my walking though I had a clear go-light. 

I cried out (in Swedish, as that's my emergency language it seems) 

The driver did not notice or care. But just so you know, I'm happy to be here! It was close and what a ridiculous way to go, run over by school bus as you're carrying home crackers and kiwis. 


Wednesday, I went to have coffee with Josh, an old college friend. Perhaps I should write "Wednesday, I went to have coffee with the one friend I still have from college".  It's almost true, though I have Jenny too!

Anyways, it was great to see Josh. He lives only half an hour away (by foot, as that is how I measure distances, like the medieval peasant I often identify with), but I hadn't seen him for over a year as that's very often how life works once you have kids. Plans have gotten cancelled because of lice, fevers and yes, my half year stint on another continent. 

Anyways, he's a great writer and will soon have a new book out. Besides that he also writes stories for various publications.

Here's a great article he wrote recently, about a crack addict who dreamt big and went even bigger - coming up with the perfect pillow. This is my favorite quote:

the pic above has nothing to do with any of this, it's just a view the medieval peasant saw on her way to meet her old friend. 

Will reveal important news here on Tuesday

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The only good thing that will happen on Jan 20

Dreading, dreading, dreading the awful day when a willful, hateful, impulsive, racist male bully will become the leader of the United States.

But one good thing does happen that day. An exhibition celebrating a brilliant unique woman opens:

I’m Nobody! Who are you? The Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, January 10, 2017