Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Brooklyn - Spoiler alert

If you haven't seen the movie Brooklyn and want to see it knowing nothing about it , quit reading here.

So my plane was cancelled and I was offerred a new flight two days later. With all this new time on our hands, I could go to the movies to see Brooklyn with Anders.

The movie is largely about a woman who leaves her husband behind in Brooklyn while she travels to her native European country to be with the family she was born into and how she feels torn between the two countries.

Could relate.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Will not just miss these people

Will not just miss Anders, Vanja and Joel this spring while I'm in Stockholm.
I will also miss the apt. Love it.

Joel before and after

Though a hair cut is only hair, I feel Joel's looks changed from West coast to East coast with each chopped lock.

Saturday, December 26, 2015



What Anders got for X-mas: Owl appeal and the wonderful gift from me that I fixed the broken laundry machine. 

We're not yet American enough to go for big tree. 

Swedish-American girl with her American girl.

Sometimes NYC looks the way I imagine industrial China. Two places for the price of one! And yes, this was taken yesterday. It's oddly warm in NYC.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trying out the new lenses

Finally same height. 

I have a friend named Maria. She's a photographer. I actually have two photographer Maria friends, but one of them told me taking photographs is mainly about shooting what you see the way you see it and then she added that great lenses are it. 

"you could almost go with a lousy camera as long as you have a great lens". 

I took her word for it and invested. Lots of pictures to come. 
Now that I have your attention and we're on this topic - what kind f pics do you prefer from me?
Family pics, street pics  - what?

Where are you and where are you spending the holidays?

I'm in NYC still, will spend xmas and new year's here, then leave for Stockholm on Jan 1st.
Where are you and what are you up to in the next few weeks?


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Less than two weeks left

Today, it's less than two weeks before the whole fam goes back to Sweden, Niki and I not to return to NYC for who knows how long.

It's an impossible situation.
I'm not functioning too well. I keep forgetting things, double booking etc.

So if you know me and think I'm acting weird, you're right.
Eventually, I'll be ok. But not right now. So bear with me.

Friday, December 18, 2015

No 1 material wish

I've had my Fujifilm X-E2 for close to two years now. Bought it around Christmas 2013. I love it. But for some time have been wanting one or two more lenses.

Trying two out right now. LOVE THIS LENS

And yes, Joel got a haircut. 

Material wishes

My wish list right now.

This trench from Moschino (or from any brand in this style):

 Boutique Moschino belted trench coat

I used to have one like it that I wore to pieces.

A new bottle of this, it makes everyday smell like oranges and sunshine:


A Hövding bike helmet för each of my family members.

A leather case for my camera so I can just put it in my bag.

A membership at my new neighborhood swimming pool.

New, warm sweaters and cardigans.

A new pair of jeans (I have one pair).

A blouse that's not black.

Red boots.

This book:

And this book:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What facetiming Sweden in Dec looks like

Am serious this is a real pic of our conversation. Mom was walking to her car. 

Then and now

Niki turned 8 today. So this was now 8 years ago.

And this was this morning:

She's feisty and defiant. For instance, she's been fiercely against hats and gloves all her life.

Big changes ahead

My dad is ill. I will be moving to Stockholm with Niki this January.
Big kids will stay in NYC with Anders. Don't want to uproot them now that they're loving their life in this city.
We'll travel back and forth to see each other until we figure out our way. It will be tough on all of us. But I see no other solution than the one we're planning.

Love my dad so much. We go way back. He's the best.

I keep waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep. 
My whole system is on high alert. Anders says it's the same for him. 

Back from Stockholm

Here are some of the people I saw in Stockholm. 


Karin & Annika




Karin C

Friday, December 11, 2015

May I introduce you to the men in my life

My brother Björn

My dad Göran (with Niki)


My husband Anders. This pic is old, but I love it. 

This is also old but I love it too.  You can never have too many animal books in your life.

remember these two?

Our godsons Ted & Ruben just turned 9. 

They're handsome boys who like to eat, 

look great in tats, 



Seen here with sisters. 

might implode if not exposed to direct sunlight

Sweden in december is so so dark. 

I try to make sure I'm outside the few moments the sun is out. 
It's a medicinal need

The same thing can be said for saffransbulle and kardmummabulle. 
Above, I'm thinking about saffransbulle.
I thought about saffransbulle the entire flight.

I saffransbulle-fantasized across the Atlantic.

My family is facing huge changes. 
I have to stay strong somehow. 
It's hard. 
Need to focus on the basics: Daylight, saffransbulle, long walks, trees, work, books, family and friends. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's happening

Finishing up the first draft of my 3rd childrens book. 

Did you see any of these movies?

  • about elly
  • I am taraneh
  • half moon
  • the iris apfel movie
  • the vivian mayer movie
  • the yves saint laurent movie
  • dior and I

which one do you recommend? also happy for other suggestions.